03:05 GMT10 August 2020
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    The South American country, known for its biodiversity and rich cultural history, risks becoming the mecca of ufologists, as reports about mysterious sightings discovered in the skies over Colombia have been pouring in recently.

    An unusual "UFO" is believed to have been spotted in broad daylight in Colombia’s capital Bogota.

    The footage of the flying object was uploaded by a YouTube user a week ago and was then shared by a prominent conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring.

    After analysing the video, whose authenticity cannot be verified, Waring came to the conclusion that the mysterious object was of alien origin and that it has uneven shape. Moreover, Waring claims that the shape of the mysterious object changes as it floats in the sky.

    "The object itself almost looks as if it were alive, and maybe it is", Waring wrote on his blog.

    There have been numerous reports of UFO sightings in Colombia in recent months. At the beginning of April a YouTube user uploaded a video, which showed what many netizens branded a flotilla of UFOs. This sighting too was spotted in the capital Bogota and again in broad daylight.

    Despite many users having agreed that the eerie objects are of alien origin, others contended that it was photoshop. One user alleged that the spots are SpaceX satellites designed to provide 5G internet services worldwide

    Still another was concerned about people ignoring safety measures during the coronavirus pandemic, he wrote: “Am I the only person who’s wondering why no one wears a mask?”

    In February YouTube channel UFOmania shared a TikTok video showing a what looked like a mysterious cube-shaped UFO gliding down through clouds near a commercial aircraft that was flying over the Colombian city Medellin.


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