09:08 GMT25 October 2020
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    A video, shown by a US broadcaster to everybody’s surprise, shows the pop diva groggy and struggling to look at a bunch of bananas, also trying to tear off the right one - but failing. The glasses-wearing “Lover” singer is then escorted into her bedroom, where she lies down while dropping a hilariously incoherent comment, touching emotional fans.

    A video of Taylor Swift recorded by her mom Andrea after she underwent her lasik eye surgery has made her fans turn their heads, as the singer is shown freaking out over a banana.

    The video was released on national television on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”, with the host telling a shocked Taylor that her mother had recorded and shared with them the very personal home video.

    "For the television?!" Swift hits back while Fallon continues to address his audience:

     "This is the world premiere. Check this out. This is Taylor Swift, post-surgery. You were, like, freaking out over a banana".

    The one-minute clip shows a 29-year-old post-surgery Swift trying to pick the right banana, continuously sobbing over her inability to do so and complaining about having mistakenly broken off the wrong banana from the rest of the bunch. Her mother, who was recording the scene, attempts to console her, before a cosy Taylor is shown in her bed munching on her banana before covering herself with a blanket. While her mother expresses concern that she might fall asleep while chewing, the pop singer exclaims in the adorable video:

     "I am not asleep. My mind is alive".

    During the final shots of the video, the host can be heard begging the singer not to be mad at him, with a stunned Taylor being apparently left lost for words:

    "Oh my God. That's on television", she utters, gathering hordes of fans in the comment section.

    “Oh myyyyy”, one moved user wrote, while others seem be stunned by the mind-sleep parallel and can’t help posting memes and gifs on the subject:

    Another suggested that she could have been pumped with “fun things”  with to smoothly live through the post-surgery period:

    ...while a different user opted to speak out on behalf of the “beheaded” banana:

    The way she was eating the banana was naturally also taken note of:


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