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    Famous Fortnite gamer Ninja’s decision to leave Amazon-owned Twitch for rival Mixer appears to have made genuinely big news in the gaming community, and the possible motives behind the transition are naturally a real talking point.

    Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg couldn’t help weighing in on Friday’s shock news that the famed Fortnite streamer Ninja is fleeing Amazon’s video streaming platform Twitch for the Microsoft-owned Mixer.

    Pewds appeared to learn about Ninja’s switchover at the same time as all the rest of gamers and viewers did:

    "Oh, oh, oh! Ninja's streaming on Mixer", he said in a DLive stream posted to YouTube. "That's funny. I saw it in the comments and I didn't understand. I mean, good for him”.

    Yet, seconds later, he couldn’t help putting a fly in the ointment, with some saying that a bit of jealousy was implied:

    "Jack told me yesterday ⁠— he was like, 'Mixer came to me with a lot of money, and then all of a sudden they say no'", he continued. "Now we know where that money went!' That's funny".

    It didn’t come as a surprise that the YouTube star did take apparent pleasure in stinging Ninja, despite the pair once teaming up for a Friday Fortnite event back in June.

    Referring to Ninja’s unexpected transition away from the wildly popular Twitch and with the Swede obviously unable to resist the chance to plug his own choice of a streaming platform, Pewds noted:

    “Everyone knows DLive is the greatest platform. I don’t understand what Ninja is doing over at Mixer. Pathetic”.

    The Swedish YouTuber had earlier switched to the up and coming blockchain-powered DLive platform himself after Twitch banned him for the use of what it deemed to be racial slurs in a heated match of the battle royale game PUBG.

    "DLive's mission is to empower creators", PewDiePie told fans in an announcement video. "But how you may ask? Through their revolutionary reward system... They take no platform cut, so basically if you donate to a streamer or you subscribe to a streamer, the website itself usually takes a percentage of that, but not on DLive. It all goes to the creator. Pretty cool!"


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