07:30 GMT17 June 2021
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    LewDiePie or NewDiePie? The Swedish YouTube king rose out of the water to get called all sorts of names – and even sparked suggestions that he could grace a Disney movie.

    YouTube darling Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie, aka Pewds, has wowed millions of Instagram users (and probably some random beachgoers) by posing naked in the sea.

    PewDiePie appeared to have taken all precautionary measures, covering the groin area with his arms and taking the snap from afar, but many people confessed they couldn’t resist the temptation to zoom in.

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    Wholesome comments came in abundance, at any rate, with some commenters saying the photo was a clear reference to The Little Mermaid.

    “The Little Mermaid we need, but not the Little Mermaid we deserve", joked YouTuber Ian Hecox.

    Another person wrote: “You are a mermaid, Felix!”

    The "Caption This" game started immediately. One person suggested that “PewDiePie flashes children at the beach” would make an accurate description, while another wrote: “Swedish Viking arriving ashore England circa 798 AD".

    “Now that's the bathwater I want", one fanboy said, referring to Belle Delphine, an internet personality who has famously started selling what she claims to be her own bathwater to horny fans.

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