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    Vladimir Putin at gala hockey match in Sochi, May 10, 2019.

    MSM Gleefully Report on 'Putin Faceplant' During Hockey Game, Get Owned Online

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    On Friday, the Russian president took part in a gala match in Sochi promoting the Night Hockey League, an amateur league featuring former pros and other prominent figures which he founded in 2011 in an effort to promote sport across the county.

    Footage of Vladimir Putin's fall during last night's game immediately went viral among virtually all major print and online media outlets in the US, the UK and Canada, with everyone from the highbrow New York Times and The Guardian to the lowbrow British tabloid media and even TMZ coming up with an endless series of flippant jokes about Putin's "humiliating" "faceplant" at the close of the match.

    • 'He shoots, he falls' was the angle Canada's CTV News went with.
      'He shoots, he falls' was the angle Canada's CTV News went with.
      Screenshot / CTV News
    • 'Putin HUMILIATED' was the Express's take.
      'Putin HUMILIATED' was the Express's take.
      Screenshot / Express
    • The take the Washington Post chose to go with.
      The take the Washington Post chose to go with.
      Screenshot / Washington Post
    • NBC News' approach.
      NBC News' approach.
      Screenshot / NBC News
    • CBS's take on Putin's tumble.
      CBS's take on Putin's tumble.
      Screenshot / CBS News
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    Screenshot / CTV News
    'He shoots, he falls' was the angle Canada's CTV News went with.

    Putin, incidentally, who only took up hockey before his 60th birthday, quickly picked himself up off the mat he accidentally tripped on and continued skating, tapping the glass along the boards, smiling and waving. The 66-year-old scored eight goals during the match, helping lead his team to a 14-7 victory.

    The Western media's facetiousness about the incident didn't go unnoticed among readers, with social media users on both sides of the Atlantic bashing the coverage and cracking jokes of their own at the outlets' expense.

    Of course, the haters came out in force as well, cracking 'in Soviet Russia' jokes, mocking Putin's skating skills, or saying they were now worried about the fate of the carpet he tripped on.

    Only a few users seemed able to find anything resembling a balanced middle ground.


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