20:39 GMT23 September 2020
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    "Boris Johnson walks into a bar" might sound like the beginning of a joke, but this one apparently happened for real.

    Fuzz Townshend, the co-host of Car SOS, a National Geographic Channel show where Britons have their classic cars restored by master mechanics, admitted on camera to having desecrated a pint of a well-known and controversial British politician with his penis.

    According to Townshend, the story unfolded in a pub in South London in the early-to-mid 1980s. He recounted how Boris Johnson walked into the pub when he was buying a round for a company of mutual friends.

    "Boris arrived as it was my round," Townshend detailed in an interview. "I said 'Would you like a drink?' I was drinking a pint of real ale and he said 'What's that like?' I said that was pretty good, so he said 'I'll have one of those'.

    "I went to the bar. The barrel had to be changed so I brought out my friends' drinks — they were on shorts, gin and tonics, something like that.

    "Then I had to go back in for the pints. I got the pints and I turned round and I noticed that to my left on the way out was the gents' toilet."

    Townshend felt an urge to go in there, and when he was standing in the lavatory, still holding Johnson's pint, it struck him that it was an "opportunity of a lifetime". He thought: "I have a politician here, it doesn't matter which politician".

    "I dipped my knob in Boris Johnson's pint and then topped it up with mine," said the cocky TV presenter. He then went out and handed Johnson the pint, which the latter accepted.

    It is unclear whether Johnson, who later served as London mayor and UK foreign secretary, actually drank the pint, as the presenter didn't outright say this, although it seems very, very likely. It is also worth mentioning that Johnson graduated from Oxford in 1987, and wasn't a politician in the early-to-mid 1980s, casting doubt on the apparent prank.

    Boris Johnson is yet to comment on the story.


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