05:01 GMT11 August 2020
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    The granddaughter of Mussolini was apparently incensed by the drawing depicting the fascist leader hanged upside down along with his mistress after their execution.

    Alessandra Mussolini, MEP and granddaughter of the Italian WWII fascist leader Benito Mussolini, has apparently managed to trigger a veritable social media storm after she took offence at a picture drawn by famous American actor and comedian Jim Carrey.

    The exchange was sparked by Carrey posting a drawing of what seems to be the remains of Mussolini and his mistress Claretta Petacci hanged upside down after their execution, accompanied by the following caption: "If you’re wondering what fascism leads to, just ask Benito Mussolini and his mistress Claretta".

    In return, Alessandra labelled the actor a “bastard”, and, upon learning about it, many social media users stepped forward to give her a piece of their mind. Carrey himself, however, apparently didn’t respond to her verbal jab.

    ​Many less than amused netizens were quick to remind Alessandra what her grandfather is mostly remembered for, with some of them cracking jokes about Benito’s demise.

    ​There were those, however, who apparently sought to defend Alessandra.


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