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    Ruby Matthews

    Instagram Influencer Admits Reliance on Cocaine, Cigarettes to Keep Weight Low

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    Ruby Matthews told her followers all about her unhealthy lifestyle, which consisted of cocaine and cigarettes, in a question-and-answer session on Instagram Tuesday, saying it is practically all she did to maintain her weight of just 119 pounds.

    “I did a lot of cocaine, like a lot, so basically I just smoked cigarettes, had long blacks and did coke,” she said, according to the Australian site news.com.au. “And in between, had the tapas. Like my life was tapas and cocaine.”

    Matthews told followers that it was “pretty easy” to cover up her drug use and unhealthy eating habits, the Huffington Post reported.

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    “A lot of people never really understood like how I could eat and still be so thin. But I guess it’s pretty easy to hide an addiction. Whether it’s addiction, depression, anxiety.”

    Matthews, a mother of two, also revealed that such a “diet” isn’t something new for the beauty industry and other social media influencers.

    “I need to be careful what I’m saying here, but in the modeling and influencer industry, everyone loves the baggie [coke],” the 25-year-old revealed. “That is how most physiques are maintained… that’s how my physique was maintained.”

    Marissa Meshulam, a dietitian and nutritionist, told Yahoo Lifestyle that social media influencers need to be careful with the messages they are sending their audiences, as broadcasting an unhealthy lifestyle could be harmful for some of their followers.

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    A post shared by RUBY TUESDAY MATTHEWS (@rubytuesdaymatthews) on Nov 1, 2018 at 1:27am PDT

    “People look at influencers as ‘goals’ in so many ways. Followers then try everything to replicate their influencers’ lifestyles, thinking that they too can achieve these goals. Ruby may have been ‘skinny’ while following that diet, but I think we can all agree there is absolutely nothing healthy about it,” she said.

    However, many of Matthews’ followers appreciated her confessions about her previous drug use and efforts to change, noting that it was “real”, “honest” and “a breath of fresh air” in an industry “where everyone is always trying to project that they are ‘perfect’”


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