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    McDonald's customer brings in dead raccoon into dining area

    ‘Look At This S**t': US Man Walks Into McDonald's With Dead Raccoon (VIDEO)

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    Employees and customers at a McDonald's in San Francisco, California, received the shock of a lifetime over the weekend after a fellow patron brought in a dead raccoon into the eatery, later placing it on a table.

    The questionable behavior unfolded shortly before 7 a.m. on Sunday, and was captured on cellphone footage by 54-year-old Chris Brooks, who'd just arrived at the restaurant to pick up his breakfast before work.

    "The guy came in screaming, ‘Help, help, help!'" Brooks told SFGate. "He came to the counter, and I thought it was a dog at first. The employees told him to leave, and he went and sat down with it."

    Brooks' recording picks up with the unidentified older man sitting down in the establishment's dining area. A pool of blood is also seen beginning to form around the mouth of the lifeless raccoon, which is lying on a table.

    Warning: This video contains strong language.

    "This n***a done brought a dead raccoon into the motherf**king McDonald's," Brooks says. "Look at this s**t!"

    "This mothaf**ka is crazy… this mothaf**ka got [the raccoon] on the table," he continues, stressing that law enforcement officials need to be called to the scene.

    After the man ignores the manager's instruction to leave the restaurant with the deceased trash panda, another customer eventually removes the dead animal from the diner, tossing it into an outdoor garbage can. The video then shows the raccoon-carrying older man walking outside of the McDonald's before going back inside the eatery.

    Officers with the San Francisco Police Department arrived on the scene a short while later and evaluated the health of the individual who'd brought the animal to the restaurant, according to SF Gate.

    "Based on our information, he didn't meet the criteria [for psychiatric detention]," Adam Lobsinger, spokesperson of the SFPD said. "We always offer services. The city has a number of services. When we do a mental health detention, that's a little more in-depth. That means you're a threat to yourself or to others."

    According to Brooks, this particular McDonald's, which is located between Potrero Avenue and 16th Street, is frequently visited by homeless individuals looking to escape from the cold weather. Lobsinger, however, did not indicate whether the man was homeless.

    As for the McDonald's location, it was closed down for roughly two hours so that staff could completely sanitize the dining area. On Wednesday, it was given the all clear to resume business as usual after officials with the San Francisco Department of Health inspected the area.


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