13:05 GMT24 October 2020
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    Internet users have been divided over a mind-boggling photo of a neighbourhood in Surrey, British Columbia. The core mystery is whether there is a wall in the photo.

    A photo, which has racked up hundreds of comments, shows what at first may appear to be a muddy pond — or a pond that partly reflects a building behind it.

    According to the author of the photo, there actually is a pond in the photo, but a part of it is blocked by a grimy concrete wall, which creates the optical illusion. Some apparently needed more proof to quell their doubts.

    The concrete wall across the street looks like a body of water
    © Photo : reddit
    The concrete wall across the street looks like a body of water

    "I'm so confused, where's the wall?" inquired a perplexed user, who then received a perfectly logical reply: "It's where the pond isn't".

    "I seriously didn't know what I was looking at until I saw this picture. I only saw water", a user with the handle OnlyAlec confessed.

    "I only saw [sic] wall, I had to look at it for a while until I saw where the body of water would be", a Redditor added, while several others are still looking for water in the picture.

    "But is the wall blue or black?" the user rarecoder asked tongue-in-cheek, in an apparent nod to the viral photo of a dress whose colour stirred up hot debate online some three years ago.


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