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    US President Donald Trump pats the bottom of one of the White House Christmas Tree's delivery horses

    Trump Mocked for Petting Draught Animal’s Butt (VIDEO)

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    With the holiday season upon us, the White House isn’t wasting time readying the Christmas decorations. But when the mansion’s Christmas tree was delivered on Monday, US President Donald Trump seemed more enthusiastic about the hindquarters of one of the horses pulling the tree’s cart.

    It was all very romantically orchestrated: a horse-drawn carriage pulled up to the front doors of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on Monday, decked out in wreaths and other ubiquitous Christmas apparel, to deliver the centerpiece of the holiday's festivities to the First Family. The Trumps came out to greet the carriage in their winter coats, shaking the hands of the two men who'd steered the carriage there before inspecting the goods.

    Only, Trump seemed more interested in the back of the horse than in the tree it had brought.

    Former US President Ronald Reagan once said that "there's nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse." Now the American people have been blessed with this.

    ​Once Twitter got wind of the action, things went wild.

    "He thinks it's a mirror," one user wrote.

    ​Another ran with the comparison, asking viewers to decide which one was "the horse's arse," Trump or the equestrian's hindquarters.

    ​Another person looked still lower for comparisons, noting the similarity between the fuzziness of the Clydesdale's legs and the First Hairline.

    ​Another, noting which part of the horse got the president's attention, recalled a leak of "Access Hollywood" in which Trump boasted about his ability to take liberties with women due to his social status.

    ​One person recalled comments made by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi about Trump, which seemed to foretell the event.

    ​If you're curious, the tree was a 19-foot Fraser fir grown on a farm in Newland, North Carolina.


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