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    Woman Refused Toilet Uses Restaurant Floor Instead, Hurls Poop at Staff

    Woman Refused Toilet Uses Restaurant Floor Instead, Hurls Poop at Staff (VIDEO)

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    Too much fiber and not enough forethought?

    A Canadian woman was detained by police in Langley, British Columbia, and prosecutors are mulling charges after the enforcement of a company bathroom policy went straight to the crapper.

    Although no audio is available, footage from LiveLeak shows the woman extremely animated as she argues with a Tim Hortons restaurant employee concerning what was later revealed to be a toilet issue.

    Full of crap in one way or another, the woman responded to the customer-only restroom policy by turning the restaurant's eating space into her own restroom. After pulling her yoga pants down to expose her buttocks, the woman releases herself at a troubling speed and immediately throws the resultant dung at the employee.

    While it's unknown if her speedy stool connected with the worker, she's then seen finishing her paperwork with scratchy napkins, only to launch those at the employee as well. Perhaps realizing the makeshift toilet paper's lack of aerodynamicity, the impolite pooper sloppily wipes her behind one more time, electing to leave this napkin at the register.

    Not long after fleeing from her feces, the woman found herself and her half-wiped booty detained by local authorities.

    "She was briefly detained and released on documentation to appear in court at a later date," revealed Cpl. Holly Largy, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police spokeswoman.

    As the woman's identity remains unknown, it'd be a good idea to either let people use the bathroom when they ask, or just avoid those in yoga pants altogether.


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