02:39 GMT01 October 2020
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    If weird experiments by British scientists were not enough, the country’s bloggers sometimes also come up with weird and entertaining ideas. According to blogger Tom Scott, the idea came to him during a regular chat in the pub.

    UK blogger Tom Scott has successfully conducted an unusual experiment — he wanted to compare the taste of garlic bread that has reached the edge of space with the regular, Earth-bound. His team launched half the loaf of bread into the sky using a balloon, having attached a GPS tracker to the precious cargo so they could find it when it lands.

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    After gaining an altitude of 35 kilometers, the balloon popped and the box with the bread descended to earth. The bread loaf's unusual journey was recorded on a special cam attached to the cargo.

    After the team finally managed to find the near-space bread, the blogger sampled it. It turned out to taste just as good as the original… aside from the fact that it was as cold, as if taken out of the fridge.


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