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    Alice Liss

    Cancer Survivor Albino Model Shares Stunning Photos to Inspire Others

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    Russian beauty Alisa Liss had a tough period when she went through breast cancer in her 20s. She lost confidence in her looks but overcame her fears and came out stronger and sexier.

    Alisa, who has 34,400 followers on Instagram, recalled her struggle with cancer saying, “I fell into a panic. I was so young. I thought it was the end of my life.”

    After multiple surgeries, Alisa’s breasts were scarred badly and she was afraid that she would be alone and ugly forever.

    However, the 33 year-old Alisa Liss found her courage and underwent a breast reconstruction and implant surgery. She has since captivated her fans with her unique look and style.

    Alisa’s dark past due to her illness did not stop her from shining on social media and recently she appeared on a Russian reality TV show The Bachelor.

    Alisa posts sexy photos on Instagram to show other women that they should not be scared of treatment, surgeries and loneliness.

    "I've traveled a long, long road and I am still carrying the banner of victory. Each of my photos with a bare chest is a manifesto: ‘I survived, I'm beautiful and free’ and I want this manifesto to be heard by everyone who is afraid, who quietly dies inside four walls, believing that after the operation there is no life. Who wastes precious time on fear,” Alisa said.

    She also raises awareness about albinism. The model explained: “Unfortunately there are not that many people, who know that there are many types of albinism, and like every mutation it has different stages and kinds. I am lucky to have a more or less light case of albinism. This is good because many troubles of a more difficult stage do not affect me."


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