03:50 GMT25 February 2020
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    Rather than cozying up with family on Christmas Eve, Carolina Falkholt, a Swedish street artist, instead chose to paint a four-story penis on the side of a building in New York's Lower East Side.

    The artwork, which does not include testicles, can be seen on the side of a building on Broome Street, between Forsyth and Eldridge streets.

    ​"NO TIME 4 BALL$," Falkholt wrote on Instagram, where she publizied her work Sunday. "I have never heard so much laughter and seen so many happy faces behind my back when painting as for today doing this wall on Broome Street."

    When speaking with NBC New York, Falkholt said that this penis painting and an earlier abstract depiction of a vulva were "about not being ashamed of your body and who you are as a sexual being."

    ​"Talking about these subjects in public space is a must for healthy, nonviolent community/world," she noted. "And the dialogue created around feminist public art pieces raises awareness."

    ​In the three days since completing the art installation, critics for and against the work have ambushed Falkholt's social media accounts with their opinions.

    "This is the most disgusting gross display of street art," one bothered user wrote. "It's one thing to have this in your home but to have this in public where families live and walk by is a major lack of respect."

    Another chimed in saying that they couldn't "wait till it's removed."

    But not everyone was quick to trash the phallus.

    "Crazy how people see an image of a penis and starts talking about sex and children in the area," one user wrote. "Maybe ok for you to think about sex when seeing a penis, but children will see an image of a penis, thats all. Please stop sexualizing children with your own crazy thoughts."

    Another user suggested the outrage had to do with more generational differences.

    "You are stuck in an older generation of thought. It's a penis," another wrote. "If children are too sacred to know what a penis looks like and if PARENTS are too immature to explain what a penis is than there is no other way I can offer insight or help to you. I don't see how a body part can be a form of ‘aggression.' The adults need to grow up before they speak on the minds of children."

    Regardless of the critics' views, the realistic pink penis will soon be no more. According to reports, the owner of the building, who was not informed of the installation before it was put up, is planning to paint over the image.

    NBC New York reported that workers, who have already jumped on the scene with scaffolding, will erase the image in a day.

    The piece is said to have been commissioned by The New Allen, a street art foundation managed by a Peruvian restaurant called "Baby Brassa."


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