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    Subway passenger gets kicked, dragged by MTA employee

    MTA Worker Suspended For Kicking, Dragging Passenger Off NYC Subway (VIDEO)

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    Claude Harris, a Coney Island resident, was riding the G Train in New York City on Saturday when he witnessed a Metro Transit Authority employee dragging and later kicking a drunken subway rider.

    According to Harris, he witnessed an MTA worker dragging a sleeping man the entire length of a subway car before kicking him to try and awaken him.

    "Come on! Get up there! I don't got time for this sh*t!" the MTA worker is heard yelling at the man lying on the ground.

    Seconds later a second MTA worker intervenes. After the fellow transit worker identifies the kicker as "Jenkins," he then calls out to the drunken man, saying, "Amigo, over here!"

    The man eventually got up and walked off the train.

    Shocked, Harris recorded the incident and later uploaded the video to Facebook and Instagram that same night.

    "An [MTA NYC] worker dragged an inebriated rider then kicks him while he was down after he had already knocked him off the seat he was sleeping on and didn't bother waking him all the way up," Harris captioned the video post. "SO THIS IS WHAT IT IS MTA?"

    After MTA officials caught wind of the footage, they tracked down the offending employee and launched an investigation, suspending the employee while the probe is underway.

    "This footage is clearly disturbing and the employee in the video has been removed from service while the incident is being investigated," Shams Tarek, a spokesperson for MTA, told the New York Post.

    Speaking to the New York Daily News, Harris speculated that had the "inebriated" man fought back, the situation would have been much worse.

    "[The employee] just assaulted this man for no reason," Harris told the outlet. "If he fought back, they would have arrested this man, he would have been charged with some craziness."

    "This guy didn't do anything, [the MTA employee] didn't give him a fair chance. This pisses me off," Harris added.


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