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    New Extreme Tourist Attraction in China's Mount Fuxi

    'My Heart Nearly Jumped Out of My Chest': China Opens 20-Meter Mountain Swings

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    Even though extreme swings are not a novelty in China, these particular 20-meter swings at Fuxi Mountain are dubbed the largest and probably the scariest in the state as the distance to the ground under them is a whopping 320 meters.

    One of the thrill seekers who visited the tourist attraction and who was brave enough to test the swings said that there was no feeling that you were safe and her heart "nearly jumped out of [her] chest." 

    The new extreme tourist attraction started operating at China's Fuxi Mountain in Henan province.

    This is not a first time China has developed a unique construction at Henan that would make extreme seekers attracted to the province.  Earlier this year, the Asian state opened a 3,000-ton circular glass-and-steel skywalk. 


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