15:17 GMT28 July 2021
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    The former president's claims that US doctors were considering strong ultraviolet light and injection of unspecified "disinfectants" as possible ways of treating the coronavirus infection raised many eyebrows back in April 2020.

    The leader of the "Genesis II Church of Health and Healing", Mark Grenon, who was arrested over promoting his poisonous pseudo-cure against COVID-19, has claimed in a recent interview that he supplied ex-US President Donald Trump with his "medicine" called MMS.

    Grenon added that it happened not long before the president made his notorious "disinfectant" remark amid the first wave of the pandemic in the US. He suggested that during the speech Trump was actually referring to MMS, which is based on chlorine dioxide – a poisonous substance commonly used as bleach.

    "We were able to give through a contact with Trump's family – a family member – the bottles [described] in my book. And he mentioned it on TV: 'I found this disinfectant'", Grenon claimed.

    He was apparently referring to Trump's comment "I saw this disinfectant", which he said during a 23 April 2020 presser as he presented potential cures for COVID-19 that were purportedly reviewed by US doctors. In the same speech, the then-POTUS claimed doctors were also looking into ways of using strong UV light to eliminate COVID-19 inside a patient's body as a potential cure. Trump never elaborated about where he got these ideas.

    According to Grenon, during this presser, which raised many eyebrows at the time, Trump was promoting MMS. The COVID-cure charlatan, who gave his interview from a prison cell in Colombia, where he's awaiting extradition to the US, went as far as to claim that the then-74-year-old president ingested his "medicine". The FDA and other health authorities repeatedly cautioned people against falling for the Genesis II Church's ads and drinking MMS, explaining that ingesting it is akin to drinking bleach (something that your organism will not thank you for later).

    After his church started promoting MMS as a miraculous COVID "cure" (in addition to being a "panacea" for other diseases and medical conditions), the US ordered a ban on its sales and advertisements, as well as requested the detention of Grenon and his sons, who also took part in this business. Mark Grenon was arrested in Colombia in August 2020 and has since then been facing the prospect of being extradited to the US on fraud charges.

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