19:00 GMT23 January 2021
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    Almost every tweet by US President Donald Trump alleging that the November US presidential election was rigged garners an "election fraud claims are disputed" label from Twitter.

    CNN media pundit Oliver Darcy, in a CNN media newsletter called for Twitter to label the entire account of Donald Trump as "a known source of election disinfo", Fox News reported Monday.

    The reporter questioned "why stop there?" and suggested labeling all accounts that "repeatedly spread claims" that, in his opinion, are consistently fact-checked by the platform.

    “Nearly every tweet from the president at this point is labeled for misinfo. Which had me thinking,” Darcy wrote, cited by Fox News, “Why doesn't Twitter just take the step of labeling his entire account as a known source of election disinfo? And why stop there? Why not label accounts that repeatedly spread claims the platform has to fact-check?”

    Darcy suggested a version of "NewsGuard for Twitter", referring to a web tool that assesses news sources based on criteria for credibility and transparency.

    The CNN reporter's call was seen by some as an avocation of censorship, especially as Twitter has Trump in its crosshairs, labeling almost every tweet in which POTUS alleges presidential election fraud. 

    Trump consistently criticises "Big Tech" for what he describes as a bias toward conservatives on Twitter, Facebook and other high-profile social media platforms. According to the US president, the platforms are owned by what he characterizes as "the radical left".

    Twitter adds its "This claim about election fraud is disputed" label to tweets in which Trump alleges the "rigged" 3 November US presidential election, challenging projections made by mainstream US media that Democrat Joe Biden is the winner of the presidential race.

    Many argue that social media giants are not that strict when it comes to liberals, pointing at Facebook and Twitter CEOs, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey, respectively, failing to name liberals that are subject to the social media censorship when asked during a Senate hearing.


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