09:27 GMT24 September 2020
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    The flaming weather phenomenon has apparently emerged over a fire that started east of the town of Loyalton, located near the Nevada border.

    A massive fire that has already ravaged over 20,000 acres of land in Northern California, now presents firefighters who strive to contain it with a new challenge in the form of what ABC News describes as "a towering tornado of swirling flames, smoke and ash".

    A huge fire cloud known as a pyrocumulonimbus ended up forming over the fire which started east of the town of Loyalton, located near the Nevada border, with high winds colliding with the fire and leading to a formation of a tornado-shaped flame spiral.

    As the National Weather Service issued what the media outlet dubbed as a "fire tornado warning", videos that appear to depict the aforementioned phenomenon started popping up online.

    According to CNN, officials in California, Oregon and Colorado are "battling a series of wildfires" that have already collectively devastated over 100,000 acres, with the media outlet warning that "things could get worse with intense heat descending on much of the US".

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