02:10 GMT20 January 2021
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    As Donald Trump has put it, fellow Democrats’ influence on Joe Biden’s policies has brought him to the point where he doesn’t know "where he is", something that would be detrimental to the country should he win the race for the White House in November.

    During Thursday's episode of Fox News' "Hannity" President Trump assumed that his Democratic rival in the forthcoming November election Joe Biden had been "brainwashed" by the party's left-wing.

    "I think they brainwashed him", the president noted. "They brainwashed him. He doesn't know where he is. He doesn't know what he's doing. And our country will suffer. Our stock markets will crash. Bad things will happen", POTUS depicted what Biden's potential win would bring about for Americans.

    He further outlined how Democrats are set to defund the police and even abolish the force, which might cause a backlash, or "maybe it'll just go to hell like Venezuela", he summed up.

    "He's been taken over by the radical left. He has no clue what they're doing and what they're getting him into", Trump told host Sean Hannity, going on to ponder that a joint deal with Bernie Sanders is nothing but "crazy, radical left stuff". The president believes Biden will never fight it, "even if he disagreed with it, which I actually don't think he does".

    When Hannity later asked Trump if Biden was trying to "back out" of scheduled debates this fall, the interview curiously centered around whether or not Biden said he regularly underwent "cognitive" tests or COVID-19 tests. The latter issue doesn’t come as a surprise bearing in mind Biden's regular slips of the tongue.

    "He meant the COVID tests", Trump said. "He didn't mean 'cognitive'. He meant 'COVID'".

    Hannity weighed in saying that as the former vice president said at a press conference last week, his cognitive ability was "constantly tested".

    "He didn't mean that because you don't have those tests that often", Trump insisted before challenging Biden to take the same cognitive test he underwent at the Walter Reed Medical Centre in 2018.

    POTUS further suggested a curious reason as to why Biden couldn’t have meant anything other than COVID testing:

    "He didn't mean that because he hasn't taken any cognitive test because he couldn't pass one", Trump quipped, going on to mock the presumptive Democratic candidate for his wearing a "massive" face mask, saying it makes his rival "feel good".

    Biden’s Democratic colleagues have meanwhile come up with new policy recommendations for the party’s presumptive presidential candidate, with the ideas put forth on Wednesday indicating that progressives had succeeded in pushing some proposals leftward, and influencing Biden’s policy platform as he readies to accept his party’s nomination next month. In particular, the task force supports a government-run insurance option that would be offered to all Americans on a sliding scale depending on their income — and automatically provided to low-income Americans free, in tune with Sanders’s signature healthcare policy initiative. However, vis-a-vis police, there was no talk about its defunding - an effort promoted by some liberal activists in light of the recent massive BLM protests.

    Separately, the former vice president and presumptive Democratic candidate has set out his economic proposals should he win the race for the White House this November.

    Biden’s plan proposes a $700 billion investment in "Buy American" and "Innovate in America" initiatives, according to his campaign’s website and senior adviser Jake Sullivan’s comments to AP. He unveiled the first major plank of his economic recovery plan at a metal works in Dunmore, Pennsylvania yesterday, on 9 July, while also eagerly tearing into President Donald Trump on the incumbent's signature issue, the economy, seeking to cast him as a divisive leader despite the tentative economic increase under Trump’s presidency.


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