07:00 GMT26 January 2021
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    Former first lady and failed 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton has criticised her former primary opponent, Bernie Sanders, just as he begins to surge among former Vice President Joe Biden and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren for the nomination bid.

    The View’s Meghan McCain backed Hillary Clinton's attack on Bernie Sanders on Wednesday, urging her to hit the Vermont senator even “harder on policy" and saying that she “can't stand him".

    While speaking on the long-running ABC talk show, the whole panel endorsed the former first lady's comments, with McCain explicitly saying that Clinton's comments were "juvenile" and that she should have attacked him based on his left-wing policies.

    “I will say I do think the timing of it is not great,” the conservative host said.

    “I would have hit him harder on policy and then the ‘Bernie bro’ sexism that we’ve been talking about for days about what she experienced when she was running as a candidate and his followers, what they did to her."

    “By the way, I can’t stand him,” she exclaimed. “I’m a conservative woman. I can’t stand him", ending her rant.

    Host Whoopi Goldberg added that she thought Clinton was likely annoyed over Sanders allegedly treating her badly in the past, adding that "she can't win" even when she is honest.

    “Maybe she’s being honest and maybe she’s being transparent and aren’t we as a country tired of this opaqueness that we’re seeing?” Sunny Hostin declared.

    “Aren’t we tired of a lack of transparency? And Elizabeth Warren, when she went up after the debate and said, ‘Did you just call me a liar on television,’ and I think that Hillary Clinton’s coming out and saying, ‘You know, this happened to me too.’”

    Over the past couple of weeks, McCain has regularly blasted Sanders, claiming he “has a problem with women” while bashing “misogynistic Bernie Bros” for their online attacks on Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

    Hostin later described Sanders as a “get off my lawn kind of guy” who admitted to disliking pleasantries such as wishing others a happy birthday.

    Hillary Clinton hit out at 2016 rival and current Presidential hopeful Senator Bernie Sanders on Tuesday, claiming that he is disliked in the political world.

    "Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him", she said.

    She also called him a "career politician", in direct contrast to his anti-establishment election pitch.

    However, the former first lady later clarified that she would support Sanders against Trump if he were to become the nominee.

    Senator Sanders has seen a sharp rise in his polling in recent weeks amid some increasingly sharp exchanges with fellow progressive and Democratic nominee contestant Elizabeth Warren.

    The self-declared Democratic Socialist was accused of telling Warren that she would be unable to be elected president because she is a woman, an allegation which Sanders has adamantly denied. 


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