11:02 GMT20 September 2020
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    It took a Maine jury less than an hour to convict Albert Frick for murder. The incident resembled a page from a Stephen King novel: 48-year-old Kimberly Dobbie was stabbed to death in front of her 11-year-old twin boys outside a laundromat in Lewiston, a town of 36,000.

    Albert Flick, a 77-year old convict who served more than two decades in prison for stabbing his wife was finally released from jail because he was deemed to be “too old” to be a threat, is back in the slammer after murdering again, the Daily Mirror reported Friday.

    In 1979, the man stabbed his wife 14 times in front of their daughter, the report recalls. After spending more than two decades in jail, he was released on good behaviour only to land behind bars again for stabbing a woman with a fork in 2007 and later for assaulting a woman in 2010, according to a CNN report. 

    After the 2010 incident, then-Superior Court Justice Robert E. Crowley sentenced Flick to four years in prison, denying the prosecution’s demand for a longer term, arguing that “at some point Mr. Flick is going to age out of his capacity to engage in this conduct”. 

    “Incarcerating him beyond the time that he ages out doesn’t seem to me to make good sense from a criminological or fiscal perspective,” the judge said at the time, according to Press Herald report.

    In 2014, he was released after a board ruled he was too old to be a threat.

    But in 2018 Flick stabbed a homeless mother 11 times in broad daylight in front of her children after reportedly stalking her for several days.

    He was convicted of murder on Wednesday and awaits sentencing. It is likely that he will spend the rest of his life in prison, the Mirror says.

    According to the prosecutor, the man developed an “obsession” with the woman and stalked her, even ending up in a homeless shelter where she stayed. 

    "It was thought out, it was deliberate, it was premeditated,” he said.

    The sentence is scheduled for 9 August this year. There have been no reports regarding the welfare of the children.


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