23:49 GMT09 August 2020
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    The former South Carolina governor and Trump ambassador to the United Nations left her post in December amid calls for an investigation into her alleged violation of federal ethics guidelines.

    Nikki Haley has reemerged in the public spotlight, unveiling "Stand for America," a self-described "advocacy group promoting public policies that strengthen America's economy, culture, and national security."

    The think-tank lists a series of international "dangers," including "Iranian-backed Islamic terrorism," "Communist China" and its "spreading…influence throughout the world," North Korea and its nuclear weapons, and Russia, which it claims "meddles in our elections and invades neighbouring countries." Other "threats" purportedly include "rogue regimes" Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua, which the brain trust accuses of supporting "narcotrafficking that invades America." 

    Domestically, Haley's think-tank lists the issue of border security and excessive immigration, "socialism," and the lack of Congressional term limits as threats to America's "cultural fabric".

    Haley is considered a likely candidate for the Republican nomination in 2024. On Monday, the former Trump official told the Washington Post that she has not planned that far ahead, and reiterated that she had no plans to challenge President Trump with a run in 2020.

    Social media users weren't so sure, however, with both supporters and critics saying the think tank could easily be repurposed for use in a presidential run. 

    Some users attacked the think-tank's priorities, arguing there were other more pressing domestic issues that Haley was seemingly ignoring, or urging the US to consider its own behaviour abroad before branding other countries as "international dangers."

    Picked by Trump for US ambassador to the UN in January 2017, Nikki Haley announced her resignation from the post in October, and stepped down at the end of December. The resignation came following reports that an anti-corruption watchdog was seeking an investigation into Haley's acceptance of flights on private jets, which it said was a possible violation of federal ethics regulations on gifts to public servants.

    During her tenure at the UN, Haley voiced a hawkish stance on Russia, China, Iran, Syria and other US adversaries, repeatedly getting into sparring matches with Russian representatives to the body on everything from sanctions to Syrian chemical weapons to diplomatic etiquette.


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