00:38 GMT16 May 2021
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    Over the weekend, paparazzi spotted 20-year-old Malia Obama drinking wine with a bunch of friends by a pool. Social media users have been condemning Barack Obama’s daughter for the boozy getaway while underage and for leading what they described as a privileged life.

    A number of mainstream media outlets have reported that Ivanka Trump has remained silent on social media attacks, targeting the elder daughter of former US president Barack Obama, Malia.

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    By contrast, former first daughters jumped to the defence of the 20-year-old, who was photographed and filmed enjoying an $80 bottle of rosé and was subsequently criticised on social media platforms for underage drinking.

    For instance, Bill Clinton’s daughter Chelsea took to Twitter to emphasise that Malia’s life should not be “anyone’s clickbait”:

    Shortly after that, George W. Bush’s daughter Jenna followed in Chelsea’s footsteps, having quote-tweeted Clinton, while also defending Malia:

    While media outlets, such as Newsweek, suggested that Ivanka’s silence on the matter “may speak volumes, given she is a member of the ‘First Daughters Club’”, many netizens rushed to defend President Donald Trump’s daughter.

    A vast majority of users pointed out that Ivanka has herself been a subject of attacks on social media – more frequently than Malia…

    …and noted that no one stood up for her:

    Some, however, didn’t miss an opportunity to trash the US first daughter, dismissing her as a “hypocrite”:

    Yet, back in 2017, Ivanka stood up for Malia after a website published a report on an Instagram video, in which Obama’s daughter appeared blowing smoke rings:

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