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    US Institute Sues Spy Agencies For Not Preventing Khashoggi Death

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    The death of the Washington Post journalist has caused a political split in the US.

    The Knight First Amendment Institute, based out of Columbia University, has filed a lawsuit against US intelligence services in order to learn whether the agencies took measures to inform Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi of the looming danger threatening him before his death.

    According to US Intelligence Community Directive 191, also known as Duty to Warn, agencies that have information that a certain individual is in danger of death, serious bodily injury or kidnapping must warn said individual.

    The directive clearly stipulates that the US Intelligence Community (IC) must warn both US citizens and foreigners of threats to them, including those who are not on US soil.

    According to the lawsuit, US agencies were aware of the imminent threat to Khashoggi, who was murdered in the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Istanbul on October 2.

    "US intelligence agencies apparently intercepted communications in which Saudi officials discussed a plan to capture Khashoggi," the lawsuit says.

    It is unclear whether US intelligence agencies were obliged to warn Khashoggi. According to some former intelligence officials cited by the Washington Post, there is a very good chance that doing so was deemed unnecessary.

    The reason is that no one would have expected the journalist to be killed on diplomatic premises. It is possible that the IC believed Khashoggi was only in danger of imprisonment, which is not enough to trigger the Duty to Warn, the officials said.

    The death of the journalist has caused a political split within the United States. The CIA has come to conclusion that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman himself authorized the assassination. US President Donald Trump remains sceptical as to whether the crown prince was aware of the planned assassination and has called for a calm, moderate approach.

    This has been weaponized by Trump's critics within the US, who have called on the president to punish Saudi Arabia's government. Specifically, opponents have called for the cancellation of Trump's multi-billion-dollar arms deals with Riyadh concluded in 2017, which the president considers personal achievements.


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