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    WikiLeaks Says Published ‘Less Than 1%’ of Obtained CIA Documents

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    'Vault 7': WikiLeaks Exposes CIA's Global Covert Hacking Program in Largest Ever Leak (31)

    WikiLeaks claims that less than one percent of the CIA documents obtained by the whistleblower website were published within the first part of the Vault 7 release.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Less than one percent of the CIA documents obtained by WikiLeaks were published within the first part of the Vault 7 release, the whistleblower website said on Wednesday.

    On Tuesday, WikiLeaks published over 8,700 classified files from what it called an unprecedentedly large archive of leaked information related to the CIA.

    "WikiLeaks has released less than 1% of its Vault 7 series in its part one publication yesterday 'Year Zero,'" the whistleblower said on Twitter.

    According to WikiLeaks, the Vault 7 series will be the biggest leak of confidential CIA data. The first part of the release shed light on hacking techniques developed and employed by the agency, including programs targeting all major computer operating systems.

    'Vault 7': WikiLeaks Exposes CIA's Global Covert Hacking Program in Largest Ever Leak (31)


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      I said this many times before.
      You CANNOT made anything the U.S cannot decode or open.

      Ask Microsoft and If my memory still working well, it was W 7.. Bit Locker. Investigators couldn't crack open the BitLocker .
      They wanted to open it for an investigation and Microsoft refused to surrender the keys without a fight.
      Microsoft response? We didn't spent billions to just give out the keys away.
      They open your mics , phones, tablets , computers, tv, smart washers, all that have mics could be open and if it have camera they can see you.
      Russia may eventually develop a system that they cannot open the cameras nor the mics ..NOTHING. Why?
      Russians deserve to live FREE,
      Do Russia SPY?
      Why not ask, which country doesn't spy ? The answer is NONE. ALL do Since the beginnings.
    • Zoanthropy
      I'm so excited to find out who the Mole is, perhaps Hayden?
    • avatar
      Darrell R
      Anyone would be wise to assume that any modern technology you own along with any communication using such devices could be used to spy on you, and of course the more international conversations you have the more interest these agencies will have in you.
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