12:19 GMT08 July 2020
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    Reddit has been accused of censoring a popular pro-Donald Trump subreddit, The_Donald, from appearing on the front page of the website.

    A new layout of the front page of Reddit, for users who are not logged in, is focused on popular posts, but with limitations. Instead of pulling from popular posts across the entire site, an algorithm will filter "subreddits that are large and dedicated to specific games are heavily filtered, as well as specific sports, and narrowly focused politically related subreddits.” 

    In an announcement regarding the changes, Reddit admin ‘simbawolf’ stated that NSFW and 18+ subreddits will be filtered, as well as “a handful of subreddits that users consistently filter out of their r/all page.”

    The “handful of subreddits” consistently filtered includes subreddit The_Donald, Mashable reports, as “that particular community has more than double the post count than any other subreddit that was filtered out of the new front page.”

    The often President-supporting subreddit frequently contains controversial or inflammatory posts, causing users to regularly clash with Reddit admins. In November 2016, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman came under fire after being accused of abusing his power for editing comments made about him by Trump supporters. He later apologized.

    Supporters of Trump, who enjoy the subreddit, have blasted the move as an attack on free speech.

    “This is their attempt to stunt growth to this subreddit and the mods and users should be f---ing furious,” one user wrote.

    Recently, Reddit banned several right-wing subreddits, including r/altright, r/alternativeright, and r/rightyfriends.


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