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    Three strange lights spotted over Queen Creek, Arizona.

    Arizona UFO Sighting Theories Reignited After Mystery Lights Appear

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    Strange lights spotted on New Year’s Eve over the town of Queen Creek, Arizona, may have been explained in an eyewitness report. The mysterious lights, which were speculated to be anything from fireworks to an alien invasion, were simply paper lanterns, according to the local woman’s explanation.

    Julie Baumann, a consultant with marketing company Isagenix, said that she spotted three bright lights in the sky shortly before the beginning of the new year. "I just saw these three lights consecutively spaced out and they were close so it definitely caught my eye," Baumann told NBC 12. "They were moving slow. They didn't speed up or slow down."

    The community came alive with jokes, theories, and debate over the nature of the lights. The most popular theory was, of course, a UFO. But Baumann, who took a video of the lights with her phone, believes it to be a far more mundane phenomenon. "We were looking at it, all of us and we were going 'OK, it's definitely just paper lanterns'… the other three [lights] were like a ball of light and the last one just looked like a plastic bag floating in the wind," she said.

    While not everyone is satisfied by this explanation, Baumann is confident that her eyewitness account is accurate. "It draws that curiosity of what could it be and aliens and I know people want to believe what they want to believe… but I saw three lit paper bags and one unlit paper bag."

    Three strange lights spotted over Queen Creek, Arizona.
    Three strange lights spotted over Queen Creek, Arizona.

    The reports from Queen Creek came just a day after a pair of Englishmen in the town of Exmouth, in Devon, claimed to have seen a "white object" in the sky that many labeled a UFO. Others said that it was an airplane contrail, dyed an unusual orange color by the setting sun. Three days before that, another report from England detailed a mysterious light over the city of Sheffield.

    The Queen Creek lights were the second fourth-quarter 2016 UFO sighting in the town of 33,000. Streaks of light reported in late October were quickly described by locals as signs of alien life.



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    • Angus Gallagher
      The original Phoenix Lights were mocked by the Governor of Arizona as a joke. Others dismissed them as military flares from a training excercise dropped by fighter jets.
      Only years later, when safely out of office he confessed that he had himself seen the UFO. He was also ex-USAF and had no doubt that the massive V-shaped silently cruising craft was not of this earth.
    • Bractwo Himawanti
      There are UFO's light many times in all the world... In India in an ancient days Rishi says that UFO are kinds of living entities living in up parts of atmosphere...
    • Angus Gallagherin reply toBractwo Himawanti(Show commentHide comment)
      Bractwo Himawanti, there were vimana also.
    • avatar
      Syria Forever
      UFOs? Those sightings are made since thousands of years all over the world. Not just that. Contact with extraterrestrial beings are made all the time, but those sightings have nothing to do wie UFOs or anything else. Those flying objects are men made. There is a war going on, a war between different fractions, but those are not extraterrestrials. Those are very much from our world.
      We been told lies since many years. Nothing what most of the people believe in has anything to do with trues or facts. In fact that is the biggest problem on planet earth. People prefer to "believe" in something. Most of the people prefer lies instate of trues. Most of the people prefer a believe system instate of knowledge because with knowledge there comes responsibility. Responsibility needs courage and religions don't need courage. No, there are gods and prophets people can hide behind. Our planet is filled with cowards and weaklings. That is the reason why those murderers creatures ruling our world are in power and will stay in power, because earth is a planet made up of cowards and weaklings, waiting for "somebody" will come and help, makes the right choices and takes responsibility.
    • Hermes
      Couldn't it have been father christmas returning to the north pole?
    • avatar
      and the speculation comes from people who, for the most part, weren't there.
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