01:22 GMT02 December 2020
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    A Chicago public elementary school has backed out hosting a “Christian” haunted house, that planned to depict the scene of the deadly Pulse nightclub massacre, a botched abortion, and the Charleston church mass shooting.

    The haunted house, titled “The Room: A Journey to Hell,” was scheduled to take place on October 29 and 30 at Fernwood Elementary School. It had been advertised by Tyrone Tappler Productions as a "Christian interactive experience."

    "Club Pulse, Dancers, Victims … CAGED PEOPLE/SCREAMERS, Extras needed trying to escape a cage! … SOUNDS INTERESTING? COME OUT THIS SATURDAY!!!" Tyrone Tappler Productions advertised on Facebook on August 31.

    When contacted about the event by the Windy City Times, the school district disavowed the event and stated that it had been misrepresented when they signed on to it.

    "The event organizers mischaracterized the true content of the event, and we did not approve any association with the activities the organizers have now advertised," Chicago Public Schools spokesman Michael Passman said. "The event will not be held on CPS property."

    The ticket page for the cancelled event described it as "a real life haunted house. Guests will experience IN YOUR FACE scenes of dark reality. … You will walk in 10 Rooms and encounter individuals who will make choices. The choice is life or death; sin or salvation; heaven or hell. The scenes will be action-packed, real and jaw dropping."

    A flyer for the event stated that “children under 13 would not be permitted unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.”

    One person, who had been intrigued by the event until realizing the subject matter, was particularly offended by the fact th’Cat these scenarios were presented as moral choices.

    “Whose moral choices are we talking about?” the person who asked to be identified only as Nat asked the Windy City Times. “Is it immoral to just want to go out and be with your friends and dance? And what really bothered me was that this was in a public school supported by our tax dollars.”

    On Saturday, Tyrone Tappler tweeted that the haunted house was banned, and continued on to say that “they don’t know I’m a trailblazer.” His online biography describes him as a licensed minister.

    "If you want to have a haunted house with that kind of thing in it, have at it," Nat added. "But don't do it in a public school."


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