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    US Threatens to Use Force in Syria as 'Western Coalition is Falling Apart'

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    The Pentagon is "clearly frustrated by the lack of support from its Western coalition," with the US government threatening to resolve the Syrian crisis militarily, German newspaper Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten (DWN) wrote.

    Earlier, US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter called for a stronger involvement of the members of the international coalition against Daesh terrorists, German newspaper Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten (DWN) reported, referring to Carter's interview with CNBC.

    A US Air Force F-15E Strike Eagle aircraft flies over northern Iraq Sept. 23, 2014
    US Air Force / Senior Airman Matthew Bruch
    According to Carter, many coalition members show insufficient commitment to the fight against terrorism in Syria. The US could do much by itself, but is also expecting other members of the 65-state alliance to do "their part," the politician stressed.

    Normally, the US refers to the coalition as an example of the determination to fight against jihadists. But lately Washington has been frustrated by the insufficient efforts of Turkey to enhance its border controls as well as inaction of several Arab states, which — although members of the coalition — contribute nothing to the current coalition's activities in Syria, the newspaper wrote.

    "The United States is clearly unhappy with Turkey and the coalition," DWN noted.

    According to US Vice President Joe Biden, a political solution to the conflict in Syria would be better, but in case it fails, the US is prepared to resolve the crisis using military means.

    "We do know it would better if we can reach a political solution but we are prepared… If that's not possible, to have a military to this operation in taking out Daesh," Biden said.

    The first step Americans plan to undertake is to build an air base in the northeast of Syria. US special forces and experts would expand an agricultural airport in the city of Rmeilan in Hasakeh province so that they could land helicopters and cargo planes to deliver equipment and ammunition to the Kurds, a source in the Syrian army told AFP on Saturday.

    This move, if unauthorized by the official Syrian government, could constitute a clear violation of international law, DWN wrote. According to the newspaper, the whole US-led military operation has not been approved by the country's authorities and can be considered as a violation of Syria's sovereignty.

    "However, the main reason for Washington’s nervousness lies more likely in Russia’s success in the Latakia region, rather than in the inaction of its allies. Russians have an effective alliance with Syria, Iran and Iraq: in particular, they have managed to return the Syrian army its power," the German newspaper concluded.


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    • michaelin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      Jet fuel can't melt steel beams, you think that a solid direction from this will come that quickly?
    • in reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, If the Syrian army manage to send back the terrorists in Northern Syria and therefore blocking the turkey-Syrian boarder ; i'm pretty sure a viable agreements will suddenly "fail"
    • michaelin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      Jet fuel can't melt steel beams, yes I see your point, so now to watch the progress of the Syrian Army. Thanks. :)
    • Zhukovin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, I guess you are referring to the Pentagon? The Pentagon has achieved its long goal of operation outside of civilian control. I don't think Obama could stop the collective US War Machine even if he were not a neocon criminal. I don't think Russia has much of a choice.- it's rehearse now for a larger war of maneuver against US-NATO, or ad-lib it in the near future firing from the hip after being assailed as in Operation Barbarossa in 1941.
    • hans.schultz
      Unfortunately it looks much more like it is the hawks in the US (under foreign control) want to counter the russian involvement and back to their regime change schemes.
    • hans.schultz
      Sane forces in the US need to get Obama impeached before he sets the world more on fire!
    • michaelin reply toZhukov(Show commentHide comment)
      Zhukov, I was more thinking political. For the current administration to be countering their foreign policy weakness as has been spoken about openly for the past year or so. This would seem like one way to assist the democratic 'contestant' in the 'race'. As I wrote above this may only be one other option - I'm certainly not implying that it would be a clever one on the part of the administration though. I suppose that I am looking at this piece and am asking what might be the actions to be backing up those words? :) I believe that the comments are tending more to muddy the waters. :)
    • michaelin reply toZhukov(Show commentHide comment)
      Zhukov, yes, rehearsal is the wiser action.:(
    • Zhukovin reply tohans.schultz(Show commentHide comment)
      hans.schultz, Obama is not in control except on TV. It is the War Machine and Banking Deep State which runs the USA.
    • hopscotch64
      This will be nothing but a territory grab by the US/NATO alliance to Balkanize Syria and set up a new South/North Korea situation thereby keeping the region in constant chaos and an excuse for US military bases within Syria. This plan will also benefit Israel greatly. With US bases strategically placed Israel would be in a position to exert it's imperialist will on the region. This arrangement would also ensure that Iran's influence would be greatly reduced in the region. This imperialist invasion and land grab of yet another state is unacceptable and must not be permitted to go forward. This means that the operations against ISIS needs to be accelerated and the territory secured by Syrian and Russian forces before the US/NATO criminals can consolidate and implement the invasion.
    • Zhukovin reply tohopscotch64(Show commentHide comment)
      hopscotch64, It is also to cut Russia off in Syria, so that then the NATO press can claim the Russian intervention was a failure of the Putin Administration. Syria and Russia really need to eject Turkey and the US from Syrian soil. If they do not, the dissolution of Syria will follow.
    • hopscotch64in reply toZhukov(Show commentHide comment)
      Zhukov, Agreed, good point
    • vendorin reply tohopscotch64(Show commentHide comment)
      hopscotch64, spot on. Now, if Syria and Russia, including Iran allow this in their backyard it will prove to the world that even though thousands of km away from the USA the Yanks still can do whatever they want and with minimal military engagement.

      So the ball is definitely in SAA court.
    • What is 'falling apart'? US ISIL corporation ?Just go home and let Russia and co put Syria back on it's feet.
    • affordable.guy
      US wants to insure nobody takes out the American Jihadists! Imagine waging war under the guise of stopping it, you can't make this stuff up! US should have controlled world media before it tried that one.
    • Mother Gorilla
      "They could land helicopters and cargo planes to deliver equipment and ammunition to the Kurds, a source in the Syrian army told AFP on Saturday. This move, if unauthorized by the official Syrian government, could constitute a clear violation of international law."

      Doesn't matter since the US and NATO (EU) and other willing are the self-appointed world policemen.
    • hans.schultzin reply toZhukov(Show commentHide comment)
      Zhukov, well it is an international financial oligarchy that are in control. But the US system is so that the presidency is institutionally the top, though with checks and balances, so if the president goes competently against this financial oligarchy (as FDR did) they have few options, and historically assassinations of presidents have occured on this account.
    • hopscotch64in reply tovendor(Show commentHide comment)
      vendor, Yes I agree that this planned illegal invasion must be stopped at all costs.
    • Zhukovin reply tohans.schultz(Show commentHide comment)
      hans.schultz, I agree with you. But, I would only add that the Pentagon of 1945 did not have the complete political nor budgetary power that it has now. It makes "peacetime" policy which is why the US is in constant undeclared wars of aggression. It also consumes at least 1/2 of the GDP of the US.
      JFK went against the generals and the CIA.
    • hans.schultzin reply toZhukov(Show commentHide comment)
      Zhukov, what you are talking about must be part of what is called the 'military industrial complex' that Eisenhower warned against and the Carlyle Group, which is of course all intertwined with Wall Street.
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