17:11 GMT +321 February 2017
    Hellfire missiles on the inner pylon and Hydra rockets on the outer pylon.

    Obama Should Explain How US Missile Wound Up in Cuba - Senator Rubio

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    US President Barack Obama must tell American citizens why Cuba has in its possession a US missile, Senator Marco Rubio said in a letter to US Assistant State Secretary for the Western Hemisphere Affairs Bureau Roberta Jackson.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Rubio’s letter came after US Southern Commander General John Kelly told reporters on Friday that the United States has no idea where the US missile, accidentally sent to Cuba, is.

    "I urge you to provide the above information to Congress as quickly as possible," Rubio stated on Friday.

    On Thursday, the Wall Street Journal reported that an inert air-to-surface Hellfire missile produced by the United States and intended for training purposes in Europe, was wrongly shipped to Cuba in 2014.

    "The fact that the administration, including you, have apparently tried to withhold this information from the congressional debate and public discussion over US-Cuba policy is disgraceful," Rubio stated.

    US authorities have tried to retrieve the missile from the Cuban government for over a year, according to media reports. The officials have also been working on establishing what actions led to the mistake.


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      Like he would have a clue!?
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      I am not a Rubio fan, but it's a fair question. How can they transport something like that on a commercial flight?
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      I know... HACKERS!! ET. ET was trying to phone home. And when the bike went flying, the missile ended up in Cuba, due to computer feed. Even a kid knows that.
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      Hasn't surfaced on Ebay yet.
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      in reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, some guy just flogged it off on Gumtree though :)
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      Normal for the USA !!! there are don't no what there are doing. In the next News we will read by exccidentaly there have send a Nuke to North Korea witch should be placed in Europe.
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      what an invitation....let President Obama tell the whole sordid mess to the American people and the world and include the truth of the fully documented nuclear attack on 9/11 and rout out the whole criminal cabal responsible.... and save America, God only knows its time to rip down the walls of lies... he would be a hero and restore truth to a once great nation floundering in lies under criminal hold
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