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    Flowers and candles are placed near the scene of a shootin the day after a series of deadly attacks in Paris , November 14, 2015

    Americans, West Silent on Iraq, Lebanon Attacks, Come Alive for Paris

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    While American mainstream media is providing wall-to-wall coverage of the Paris attacks, the alternative news outlet The Spectacle is wondering why bombings in Iraq and Lebanon went virtually unnoticed by the American public.

    The alternative news outlet The Spectacle notes that the same day of the Paris attacks, Lebanon was just starting to come to terms with their own terrorist attack.

    "Friday marked a day of mourning in Lebanon following an attack by ISIS suicide bombers who killed at least 43 people and wounded more than 28 in Southern Beirut," the author, Javier Simon, wrote in his piece titled "In Wake of Paris Attacks, Is the Mainstream Media Undermining Wider ISIS Threat?" "Aljazeera called it 'the worst attack in years in Lebanon.' A statement reportedly made by ISIS credited the attack to 'soldiers of the caliphate.' That day, Iraq suffered two attacks which the terror group also took credit for. In one, a suicide bomber struck a memorial service in Baghdad that killed at least 21 people and wounded 46. A roadside bomb also struck the Iraqi capital that day killing at least five people and wounding 15, according to police officials."

    The Spectacle then goes on to speculate that it may just be a matter of numbers:  The 128 deaths in Paris might potentially overshadow the numbers of deaths in Beirut and Baghdad.

    However, Simon concedes that, overall, the Middle East has been hit far harder in terrorist acts.

    "The numbers tally up in the Middle East too. According to the Associated Press, 'Since the emergence of Islamic State extremists, attacks in Baghdad have taken place almost daily, with roadside bombs, suicide blasts and assassinations …'

    That, he notes, might just be the problem:  The West has simply come to see much of the region as a dangerous place where violence is a way of life. 

    "In the U.S., it can become easy to dismiss stories about bombings, and terrorist attacks coming out of the Middle East as something of every-day occurrence," Simon concludes. "More eyebrows are raised when such attacks come to the West, which is supposed to house world powers, as opposed to a troubled state dealing with radical forces trying to topple the government and willingly engaging in frequent acts of violence to prove it can’t protect all its people."

    Not everyone is as forgiving of American media, however.

    On his site "Hummus for Though," Lebanese blogger Joey Ayoub wrote that the discrepancy is personal.

    "I come from a privileged Francophone community in Lebanon. This has meant that I’ve always seen France as my second home," Ayoub wrote. "It… seems clear to me that to the world, my people’s deaths in Beirut do not matter as much as my other people’s deaths in Paris. ‘We’ don’t get a safe button on Facebook. ‘We’ don’t get late night statements from the most powerful men and women alive and millions of online users."

    At Bustle, writer Pamela J. Hobart suggests that people dispense empathy via a system of concentric circles

    "Our empathy as human creatures is in sadly limited supply, and even professional counselors experience 'empathy fatigue' when they reach their natural limits for emoting towards and on behalf of others," Hobart writes. "Not having Lebanese coworkers or eating Kenyan food doesn't make those victims' lives matter any less, but it does place those faraway events lower down the empathy list given your particular, limited frame of reference."

    An Australian journalist suggested the issue starts at the top with world leaders who instantly issued statements after Paris but were more quiet after Baghdad and Beirut. 

    "The bombings in Lebanon drew no tweet from Malcolm Turnbull, no social media statement from Barack Obama, no live media blogs from Western media, no wall-to-wall media coverage. And no twitter hashtags from Australians in solidarity with the Lebanese," the New Matlida wrote.

    Facebook, for its part, issued a statement defending its choice to use the alert feature after Paris but not earlier.

    "Safety Check is a relatively new feature and until yesterday we had only activated it in the wake of natural disasters," the statement reads. "The product will continue to evolve as we learn more about how it’s used during different crises. We hope to never be confronted with a situation like this again, but if we are, we are of course open to activating the tool given how reassuring it has been for people in Paris."

    Simon, however, concludes that whether it's Iraq, France, or the United States, it's worth remembering "that the suffering caused by the Islamic State, and other groups who wish to instill fear on the masses, is one shared by the world at large."


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      I agree absolutely with what Angry Arab has to say about this:

      "5) Western governments AND media have been rather cynically silent about victims of ISIS terrorism if the civilian victims happen to be categorized as "enemies". Western governments AND media (look at the dispatches from Times and Post over the last 4 years about Syria) have consistently ignored and even cheered sectarian massacres of Syrian and Lebanese civilians if seems as being perpetrated by foes of the Syrian regime.
      6) Just as ISIS and Al-Qa`idah brought terrorism to the heart of the West, Western governments have also been exporting death and destruction to the Middle East and North Africa: from Mali to Libya to Egypt to Sudan to Somalia to Syria to Iraq to Pakistan to Afghanistan. Terrorism has been inflicted on people in those countries by the terrorism of ISIS and Al-Qa`idah and by the bombs and rockets and drones of Western governments.
      7) All Arabs today have noticed something that can't be ignored: how ISIS and Al-Qa`idah terrorists travel the world to inflict their terrorism by yet spare Israel and its interests. The relationship between the Israeli Zionist occupation entity and Nusrah Front--the official branch of Al-Qa`idah in Syria--is not a secret anymore."

      There's much more at the link, angryarab.blogspot.com/2015/11/some-observations-about-carnage-in-paris.html
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      but of course, because je suis retarded idiot :-P
    • NO NATO!!!
      France, Je souis Mu'ammar Gheddafi ...et je vous l'ai dit.
    • Neochrome
      Chaos and destruction that the West is so willing to inflict on other countries hit too close to home for their own liking.
      Air drops of tens if not hundreds of tons of weapons to "parties unknown"suppose to be some kind of a "solution" in the Middle East. Imagine if someone is indiscriminately arming who ever is willing to take up arms in the Europe with some of the most lethal weapons. Something tells me that it wouldn't be pacifists, doctors and professors taking up the arms, then we can all collectively shrug our shoulders and "dismiss stories about bombings, and terrorist attacks coming out of the Europe as something of every-day occurrence"
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      In Lebanon it was Hezbollah who were blown up, I have a personal hatred against those Islamist animals for the last 30 years, a long time friend of mine older brother was a Marine Corp staff Sergent who was killed in the Marine barracks explosion in Beirut. Reagan sent in the Marines to separate and save those worthless Palestinians, strictly peace keeping, the guards didn't even carry live amo. Iraq is being keep in a permanent state of chaos by Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kuwait and Qatar, they are using there foreign mercenaries ISIS to do this. It's all part of that insane 1500 year old Sunni-Shiiah Islamist civil war, let them kill each other off. My sympathies go to the people of Syria and Libya who had there lives totally upended by foreign mercenary invasions, these were sectarian countries where everyone was living peacefully. There refugees can all go directly to h ell because they should be back in there home country fighting ISIS and Al-Qaida, not running away like cowards. I totally respect the Syrian army for sticking together against insurmountable odds over the last four years and keeping the fight going against ISIS and Al-Qaida. Assad deserves to be reelected president of Syria, he could have took his millions and ran, he chose to stay and fight, as did Qaddafi and his sons.
    • FeEisi
      There was the Kenya attacks where Muslim radicals targeted Christians killing 147 in a college attack. The US didn't say much about that.
    • avatar
      Once again French government is desperately trying to prove how stupid ignorants they are or they are so vicious that they will use every opportunity to try to achieve their narrow goal. IN French FM statement that they will attack all ISIL non military facilities in order to achieve goal of destroying OSIL is just another proof that either they are out of touch with reality or they do it deliberately with very illegal acts in mind.

      First of all there are no ISIL non military facilities as ISIL does not own anything, they are just thieves who stole Syrian or Iraqi state property for their own creation of profit. These facilities which are owned by Syrian or Iraqi governments are protected by international law and their destruction would equate to war crime. Reason for that is that these facilities are essential for people under the occupation to survive and have minimum to start with once ISIL has been defeated.

      Secondly, destruction of these facilities will have extremely negative consequence on civilian population which might be even executed by ISIL to prevent them from running away and abandoning places thus making it easy for Russian bombers to destroy them in their urban hideouts. French statement of destroying these facilities would irrevocably cause new huge wave of refugees as if there will be no fuel, no electricity there will be no water. So how on earth people can survive in could without electricity and water. If they would not move they would definitively die there.

      Thirdly, such new massive surge of refugees would again head for EU and even for Russia, and that would mean immense increase of real danger that amongst these refugees there will be in abundance of terrorists pretending to be refugees. Please remember that many of them are married to some enslaved women whose fear for life is stronger than reasonable thinking and if they have children than these terrorists will look as genuine asylum seekers. Once they enter in country of their destination they will congregate in their terror cells and plan horrendous terror attacks on innocent people in the country of their destination.

      These terrorists who came to France were all in one way or the other connected to domestic terror cells as only they could provide them with weapons and explosives. As we have seen they cannot care less for their own life let alone for lives of innocent people. They are psychopaths with completely removed intelligence and ability to reason. These people will willingly go to death and all they care is to take as much as possible of innocent people with them.

      Therefore we can conclude, that French government is extremely stupid and blinded in making their decisions. This small on death stinking Hollande did not learn the lesson from what they have done in Lybia. It seams to me that he is too stupid to understand the consequences of his actions. This is in reality small frustrated Frenchman against British arrogant US anus licker in permanent struggle to show their importance and political grandeur on world's stage.

      And for the finish something that is burning in my soul.
      We still remember world's solidarity with Charlie Hebdo massacre. Whole world was screaming: “Je suis Charlie!” but soon become clear that it is shameful to call yourself Charlie as they are just a bunch of brainless arrogant idiots who have no respect for anyone except for themselves.

      Now we are witnessing another top notch western stupidity in screaming: “Je suis Paris!”, what idiocy and unlimited stupidity in displaying such garbage of false emotion. Do not get me wrong, I feel extremely sorry for all these innocent people as any of them could be my son/daughter or even grandson/granddaughter and am sincerely mad beyond description on these terrorists, but please can someone explain me why no western country officials expressed sorrow for nearly twice as much of Russian innocent civilians killed in air-plane by same terrorists? Why no one officially condemned Charlie Hebdo for printing indecent and outright humiliating cartoons related to Russian victims? Why no politicians equate himself/herself with words I am Russia, with I am Moscow?

      Further more why none of these so much caring politicians never ever shouted in despair “I am humanity!” for all those innocent civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen and so on killed by USA drones, bombs, troops on ground. Why no one condemns these terrorist acts committed by USA and their gang of murderous criminals and at least rises the voice just to tell them that the world is watching and remembering.

      That is why I hate all of this senseless and totally empty words “Je suis Paris” it would be better if they would shout “Je suis merde!” as they would at least recognise and admit the truth.
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      slimyfoxin reply toFeEisi(Show commentHide comment)
      FeEisi, Find out where from is originally Bongo Bongo Hussein Barak Obama and you will know it all.
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      tobi.gelandoin reply toFeEisi(Show commentHide comment)
      And the EU didn't say also not much. Or do there say something about Iraq, Iran, Syria and the bombed Kurds There are 10.000 and more dead !!!
      The US and the West is a very sick organization.
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      Terrorist have no place and right in our World. We will never give up our FREEDOM
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