12:37 GMT28 September 2020
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    Prosecutors continue investigating allegations that a number of San Francisco Police Officers sent racist, homophobic, and sexist messages which could compromise 3,000 cases going back 10 years.

    Investigators are analyzing each case to see if they could overturn convictions or dismiss those currently pending.

    Court filings involving a case in March revealed that certain police officers could have been prejudiced toward the people they arrested.

    San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon said Thursday that the 3,000 cases in question involve 14 police officers. He also said he plans to launch an investigation into whether a wider culture of bias exists in the SFPD.

    San Francisco public defender Jeff Adachi intends to question the suspects that the alleged prejudiced text messages were directed against.  

    Greg Suhr, SFPD’s top in command, wants six of the officers involved to be fired and the remaining to be questioned by the Police Commission, the SFPD’s disciplinary division.

    Surhr, who called the texts “reprehensible,” said some officers involved referred to African Americans, Filipinos and Mexicans as “monkeys” and “half breeds.” He also mentioned discussions of lynching and cross-burning.  

    The text messages in question emerged from a federal corruption case against former SFPD sergeant Ian Furminger. He was convicted in December 2014 of stealing money and property from suspects and is serving 41 months in jail.


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