08:17 GMT18 February 2020
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    Recent footage featuring a fluffy fella and his owner being denied entry to a New York Subway train car has ignited a debate between Twitterians concerning the city’s vague pet carrier policy.

    Since June 2017, New York City Subway commuters have been prohibited from bringing any animal onto a subway train unless said creature is "enclosed in a container and carried in a manner which would not annoy other passengers," according to Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) guidelines.

    Knowing this, one commuter decided to convert a burlap sack into a practical and functional carrier for his dog.

    Despite his creative effort, footage taken by journalist Will Courtney shows that the owner's April 7 attempt to commute across the city was brought to a screeching halt as the (apparently) problematic pooch caught the eye of an MTA conductor.

    Despite MTA rules and regulations not mentioning the need for the "container" to be specifically called a "bag," the conductor is overheard making a fuss about how the dog is "in a wrap," rather than a bag. 

    "What is a bag but a wrap?" the owner retorts, entertaining the employee's semantic argument before the train departs.

    Since its Sunday posting, the clip has sparked a number of discussions and disagreements related to the subway's carrier policy parameters.

    Even at the beginning of the subway rule change in 2017, owners were quick to stretch the rules pertaining to what an "enclosed container" could possibly be.

    Many pet owners began to laud IKEA's classic blue shopping bags as the number one carrier in terms of affordability, space and structural integrity.

    Almost two years later, it would appear nothing much has changed to clarify the MTA guidelines and accurately advise commuters who may need to get their pet to the vet or have some other type of emergency.

    On the contrary, the MTA rules simply state that they give their employees the "right to refuse admission to or eject any passenger accompanied by an animal, including a service animal," which would appear more fair to some if the guidelines were cut and dry.

    Those on the other side of the fence, however, were not alone in their arguments against the man's choice of carrier or in favor of the policy's enforcement.

    One local also offered his version of a practical solution to the whole carrier debacle.


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