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    Wrestling match ruined by brawling parents

    Youth Wrestling Parents Charged with Battery After Taking Dispute to the Mat

    Screenshot/Fox Valley Metro Police Dept
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    Three parents of youth wrestlers are being charged with disorderly conduct and battery after an argument abruptly turned into an physical altercation during their children’s match.

    A youth wrestling tournament at Kimberly High School in Wisconsin was suspended as police were contacted in response to a physical dispute between two families.

    According to a police report obtained by TMJ4, Nicole Volkman, the brown-haired woman in the video, allegedly "took a swing" at Cassandra Hamill, the blonde woman, during a previous tournament.

    Though the issue was placed on the backburner by the two families for the February 3 match, tensions were renewed as "the Volkmans' sons kept [illegally] slamming the Hamills' sons" during the match.

    Witnesses say that soon after that, Volkman called Hamill's son "a f**king crybaby" and the mother "a fat b***h."

    The Kimberly Youth Wrestling program was quick to distance itself from the issue in a Tuesday social media post.

    While the fight had ended by the time police arrived on the scene, footage of the fight was not an issue, as multiple individuals whipped out their phones during the fisticuffs. 

    "After conducting an initial investigation, it was determined that some parents who attended an athletic event were involved in a verbal and physical altercation," reported the Fox Valley Police Department.

    Following the investigation, Nicole, and her husband Shannon Volksman, were charged with both battery and disorderly conduct, while Hamill was only cited with the latter.

    "The reason the other two were charged with battery is because the third individual, Mrs. Hamill, did sustain minor injuries," a Fox Valley police officer told reporters.

    Responding officers remarked that it was unfortunate children had to witness adults acting out and stealing the spotlight.

    "The people they're most hoping to impress is their mom and dad. All they really want is their parents to be proud of them. And so I think that's sad for them. They just want to wrestle and have fun," Cheryl Tibbs, a parent of another wrestler, told Fox 11. 


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