20:07 GMT28 September 2020
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    University students may be receiving a little extra credit on their next exam after a POV-style porn clip accidentally assaulted the sight of all in attendance.

    Laughter and shrieks filled a New Taipei City classroom November 4 as a lecturer's leisure time content of choice was broadcast for his entire classroom to see.

    Apparently forgetting his previous business on his laptop, the professor carelessly connected his computer to the classroom's projector and the rest was, well, a mess.

    The students' uproar is overheard in the 36-second clip, while two girls are also seen covering their faces from the raunchy spectacle. Though blurred, one can see the foul footage showcases through a number of scenes (and positions) in the brief broadcasting period.

    It may be a little unfair to judge the professor's reaction to such a cringeworthy incident, but judging by his light jog and use of only one hand to operate the computer, he either felt pretty defeated or perhaps distracted by the familiar video. 

    To makes matters worse for the educator, the embarrassing experience has been immortalized online, thanks to one student selling the footage to video licenser Newsflare. According to the website, it's "not clear whether the incident was reported to the university or if any measures were taken against the lecturer."

    The absent-minded educator isn't alone, however. Less than two months ago, Psychology Professor Steve Joordens gave his University of Toronto students quite the 9 a.m. greeting when he connected his laptop to the projector without closing out of a XXX video.


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