20:54 GMT26 February 2020
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    A new survey conducted by 9Round Kickbox Fitness found that one in four Americans will yell out their first curse word of the day before 9 a.m., with the majority saying it before 11 a.m.

    With the overall average offered by the lab coats being 10:54 a.m., don't be too concerned if you can't manage to get through brunch without dropping an F-bomb or two.

    Surveying 2,000 Americans, the company focused its study on exploring how much stress Americans experienced throughout the day and how they dealt with it. To no surprise, they discovered that the most common way people let off steam was by letting the expletives fly.

    Other popular ways to get some relief included yelling and crying.

    The top 10 causes of stress they found are, in order: financial worry, not getting enough sleep, health concerns, work, partner, children, home life, family responsibilities, news and politics.The less obvious stresses included the environment and the national deficit, which 9 and 4 percent of respondents stated were huge stressors for them, respectively.

    When it comes to faulty technology, a whopping 52 percent of participants said that a slow internet connection was enough to make them see red.

    But if you're not into yelling, swearing or letting those tears drip-drop, officials found that some Americans found relief by watching TV, listening to music and *drum roll* hitting the gym.

    "People of all ages face stress every day and it can be difficult to find effective and healthy ways to cope," Shannon Hudson, CEO and founder of 9Round Kickbox Fitness, told SWNS. "While listening to music or watching TV can be relaxing, one of the best ways to reduce tension is through regular exercise because it improves both physical health and overall well-being."

    "When you are physically and mentally strong, you are better equipped to handle life's frustrations," Hudson noted.

    A total of 64 percent of the participants said that physically working out actually helped them to think more clearly, while another 47 percent said exercising allowed them to de-stress.

    So next time Judy eats your lunch or mysteriously trashes it, let out a few f**ks or do a suited-for-work gym exercise instead of getting in your feels.


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