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    How Close Do You Live to a Nuclear Bomb?

    Video Reveals How Close Nukes Really are to People's Homes Around the World

    © Photo: Youtube/RealLifeLore
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    A video on YouTube recently scared a whole bunch of people when it showed the location of various nuclear bombs all over the world at a close proximity to major cities across the US, Europe, Turkey, Israel, Russia, India, China and North Korea.

    Nuclear weapons test at Enewetak in 1952
    © Flickr / International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
    The description of the video read the following: “Nuclear weapons are terrifying in two ways. What they're capable of and how close they may actually be located to you.

    You may have spent your entire life living near one and never knew about it, or maybe not. Either way if you want to put your mind at ease or want to get freaked out by it, then this video will tell you with ‘reasonable’ accuracy of where most nuclear weapons are located in the world.”

    It further said that nobody knows where exactly they are located and some could be located just about anywhere! There is around 0000000.1% chance of anybody ever finding these though, so don't ever try.

    From the video’s estimate, it is seen that a large stockpile, nuclear storage and missiles are located very close to the residents of the city of Saratov in Russia, where about 6% of the global stockpile of nuclear weapons is kept.

    However, American viewers of the video, judging by the comments, were more than alarmed by the fact that nuclear weapons warehouses are just 15 minutes away from their homes, especially for residents of large cities such as Seattle, Albuquerque, Kansas City and Jacksonville.

    The video also shows various possible locations of nuclear weapons in Europe, China, Pakistan, India, Turkey, Israel and North Korea.

    The best part of the video is however, the moment when it announces that there are some “lost” nuclear weapons and nobody knows of their current location!

    “Throughout history the US has confirmed that they have somehow lost 11 different nuclear weapons and Russia has potentially lost up to 40 of its nukes.”

    Sleep tight, everyone!


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