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    The Toy Industry Association will gather soon to present its Toy of The Year awards. The Campaign for Commercial Free Childhood will offer an alternative to this, and present the Toys Oppressive and Destructive to Young Children Award (TOADY).

    The Toys are selected from thousands, the judges look at whether they stifle creativity, or whether they promote screen based entertainment at the expense of children playing outside.

    Campaign for Commercial Free Childhood have selected six finalists whoever wins the TOADY is up to you so start voting today.

    View-Master Batman: The Animated Series Virtual Reality Pack

    This game is described by the CCFC as a violent one. It's a virtual reality pack that will allow your child to be transported in to the dark city of Gotham where comic-book figure Batman reigns. "When your little one straps on the device, there's no way to tell what websites, advertisements, and games they are accessing," the CCFC state on their website.

    Play-Doh Hulk and Iron Man

    The next toy is Play-doh Hulk and Iron Man. According to the CCFC, if you are looking to limit your child's creativity this holiday season, then this toy is the one to buy.

    Shopkins Tall Mall Playset

    "Once you shop… You can't stop!" — that's the motto of Shokpins, little plastic collectibles for ages five and up that are all about that 1950's-era American Dream pastime: the shopping spree. The CCFC say this toy is all about consumerism and that is all it will offer your children.

    Game of Life: Empire

    Is your little philosopher struggling to understand the true meaning of life? Apparently the Game of Life Empire will show your kids what it's really all about- and that is owning the world's top brands and collecting judgmental fans and followers along the way! 

    Pokemon GO

    This game has had its fair share of headlines. The CCFC says that Pokemon GO prepares kids for a future where games are so fun, players don't even realize they're being lured into sponsored locations, monitored by marketers.

    Lulu's 11-Piece Makeup Set

    This is described as the perfect gift for your niece or daughter, with a recommended age of 3 — 20. The Pink Fizz 11-Piece Makeup Set is the ultimate in age compression. Each set contains lipstick, eye shadow, a fashion nail file, glitz nail polish, and a sexy mannequin mascot on the packaging to egg her on. 


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