23:19 GMT29 November 2020
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    The SpaceX CEO showed in his Twitter the assembly of a nearly-completed Starship nosecone inside the company’s South Texas Starship factory, an indication that the flight debut of the prototype may be fast approaching.

    Earlier reports showed that SpaceX teams have begun stacking Starship SN1 in Boca Chica, Texas, preparing for its first flight. Starship prototype SN01 has already been stacked with a Raptor engine section, a liquid oxygen tank, a methane tank, and all associated tank domes and plumbing, making the lower section of the ship ready. Musk’s photo proves that the upper section is also on its way.

    Musk’s video showed a view from inside the tent filled with Starship production hardware. The parts of the steel tanks had already proven themselves in the tests to be capable of surviving at internal pressures as high as 8.5 bar (125 psi) while filled with cryogenic (extremely cold) liquid, replicating the conditions of outer space.

    If things go as planned, SpaceX is on its way to install Starship SN01’s three Raptor engines and perform a live static fire test as soon as early March. NASASpaceflight.com reporter Michael Baylor had indicated earlier that SpaceX wants to complete the prototype and transport Starship to its nearby launch site as soon as March 1.


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