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    US President Donald Trump and Apple CEO Tim Cook at a press conference in which Trump called Cook Tim Apple. Cook spoke at the White House on Wednesday about the various people they've been employing at the company and how half of their U.S. employees don't have four year degrees.

    In a Dig at Apple CEO Tim Cook, Donald Trump Says He Misses the Old iPhone Home Button

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    Apple’s latest iterations of Home button-less iPhones have generated mostly positive reviews; however, there’s at least one high profile user who wants the iconic button back.

    It’s not hard to imagine Donald Trump descending into a rant against a political opponent, but this time he has chosen a surprising target: Tim Cook.

    Taking to Twitter overnight, Trump wrote to the Apple CEO that he likes the Home button on the iPhone more than “the Swipe”.

    It’s not clear why Donald Trump brought up the iPhone design now. Apple first replaced the physical button with a virtual Home bar in 2017, when it introduced the iPhone X, so users now have to slide their fingers across the screen to unlock the phone and navigate between the apps rather than tap the button.

    The latest line-up of iPhones, released last month, also has the bar, which has allowed Apple to achieve the edge-to-edge display.

    The White House’s chief social media manager, Dan Scavino, tweeted back in March 2017 that Trump had switched from Android to iPhone. Whatever model it was, it had to have a Home button because the iPhone X wasn’t around at that time.

    Trump’s feedback on the iPhone design apparently hasn’t resonated well with quite a few Twitterati, who mocked the president in every imaginable way.

    Trump and Cook have met at least half a dozen times in the past year to discuss tariffs and trade in light of the never-ending US-China economic tensions. In an August interview, Trump said that Cook would give him a call “whenever there is a problem”.

    “That’s why he’s a great executive,” he added. “Because he calls me and others don’t. Others go out and hire very expensive consultants. Tim Cook calls Donald Trump directly.”

    It remains to be seen whether Apple heeds Trump’s design advice.

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