18:20 GMT06 March 2021
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    Huawei, the IT behemoth that has played a major role in China’s manufacturing industry, is also developing its own chips and software alongside its massive smartphone and IT infrastructure business.

    Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei told the Financial Times on Thursday that he expects the US to fight against his company's push into the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart factory technologies.

    The US will 'fight IoT next', adding that the US president Donald Trump will target the sector if Huawei begins to dominate the industry, he told FT. 'Let them fight.'

    Speaking on Huawei’s drive to set international IT standards, he said: 'If everyone were to vote for an IoT standard, they would vote for our standard, because Qualcomm hasn’t done much work in the IoT sphere and we’ve done a huge amount of research.

    His comments come after US president Donald Trump provided concessions to China on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Osaka by partially opening up export licence applications for Huawei.

    US companies can also partially sell equipment that did not threaten national security to the Chinese tech firm, in exchange for China buying more US agricultural products.

    Why is the IoT Industry Vital to Economic Success?

    Industrial IoT is used in automating manufacturing processes, which Huawei aims to develop through its robust machine-to-machine (M2M) learning technologies that depend on 5G internet connections.

    Huawei currently leads the 5G industry by holding the largest number of tech patents, FT reported, adding that such innovations can help communicate bulk data from industrial devices. As of 2019, the conglomerate holds 56,492 active patents – more than any IT company in the world – Bloomberg reported in June.

    The tech firm’s OceanConnect IoT platform will compete with other cloud providers such as Google and Amazon, and its IoT communications chips will battle with US chipmakers Qualcomm and Intel. In addition to its high-end smartphones and IT infrastructure devices, Huawei also leads in a number of 5G technologies across the world.

    World’s First 5G Connected Car Hardware

    Huawei technologies launched the world’s first 5G communications hardware for automobiles at the Shanghai Autoshow in April, allowing the company to become a vital supplier for connected car technologies, Reuters reported. The MH5000 module, which is based on its cutting-edge Balong 5000 5G chip, will allow the module to "promote the automotive industry to move towards the 5G era,: the company said.

    World’s First 5G Train Station

    Shanghai Hongqiao railway station has now become the first train station in the world to employ 5G infrastructure and the first to offer 5G wifi, with full coverage set for September, CGTN America reported in February. The station will allow download speeds of 1.2 gigabytes a second and will allow robots in the station to communication during daily operations.

    Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station platform
    Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station platform

    World’s First 5G Base Station Chip

    Huawei launched its TIANGANG chip in January, the world’s first 5G core chip, allowing the company to support the "large-scale integration of active power amplifiers (PAAs) and passive antenna arrays into very small antennas”, the company said in a press statement. Base stations are used in cellular hub systems and connect mobile devices to a network.

    World’s First 5G Television

    According to sources cited by the The Asian Nikkei Review, Huawei Technologies also plans to challenge Apple and Samsung by launching the world’s first 5G television. The new lineup will offer 8K resolution displays and offer 360-degree movies and virtual reality programmes, eliminating the need for fibre optic connections and cable and allowing the new smart TVs to be used as a home router.


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