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    I Spy With My Little iPhone: Here is How Your Smartphone Tracks Your Locations

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    If one doesn't want to have their every move recorded and stored neatly in a form of a list by their iPhone device, it can be easily turned off. That is provided, you knew about the existence of such feature in the first place.

    An Apple smartphone stores the "Significant Locations" list, including sorting locations according to addresses, tracking how long it took a person to get there and which transportation mode was used to do so.

    The feature can be found and disabled, by choosing the Privacy tab in your Settings app. You must then choose the option 'Location Services,' which will reveal the list of apps with access to your location information.

    At the very bottom of the list, there is an option called 'System Services.'

    By clicking on it, you will be presented with yet another list of Apple features, including 'Significant Locations.' The tab lists a number of locations you have visited in the past and how often you visited them.

    Privacy settings on an iPhone
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    Privacy settings on an iPhone

    The feature can be disabled by first clearing the history and then switching the option from 'on' to 'off.'

    "This data is encrypted and stored only on your device and will not be shared without your consent. It is used to provide you with personalised services, such as predictive traffic routing, and to build better Photos Memories," Apple explained.

    Google has a similar feature, which can be found through a "Location History" in a user's Google account.

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