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    Press the Button, Baby! New ‘Sex Device’ Vows to Reduce Failed Foreplay Attempts

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    For those couples who feel the passion but may not be sufficiently stimulated to make the first move, a new tech solution has been proposed to help lovebirds "get it on when they are both floating at the 'interest' level."

    The new gadget, called LoveSync, comes in a shape of a button, which one would press if they feel randy, instead of asking their partner for sex. The message is then passed to a person's partner and they can either tap their respective button, indicating they are down for sex, or ignore the love call.

    If the user changes their mind, they can "cancel their desire" using a 4 second button hold.

    According to the developers of the gadget, it provides the "most benefit for couples who tend to not be as frequently outward about their sexual desires, but even those with above average drive have room to improve."

    "When you're feeling like you could be gettin' down for some action, you anonymously tap your button," the page reads. "Your desire will be stored for a set time period. No risk of rejection here, and no pressure on your partner — if only one of you tap, nothing happens," LoveSync's Kickstarter campaign page stated.

    Additional features of the so-called sex button include extension of the 15-minute "consensus window" up to 24 hours, which would give a partner more time to consider and respond to the "sex invitation."

    Asked by concerned users whether the device replaces foreplay, the developers have argued that it would merely reduce the number of failed foreplay attempts.

    "…foreplay itself is an important psychological and physiological aspect of healthy sex. Please don't look at this as a way to short change your partner. Also, don't forget, foreplay can still be effective when your partner is in the "Disinclination" level of the desire spectrum," LoveSync campaign said.

    The developers also don't recommend lying to your kids, if they ask about the device and its functions.

    "We don't encourage lying, but you don't need to be too specific… Something like this usually suffices: ‘You know how sometimes we can't agree on things? These help us figure out when we are in agreement on something.'"

    The campaign has so far raised less than a half of its target. If LoveSync gets required funding, the campaign promises to deliver "a more fulfilling relationship" for its users and at a time when people "don't get it on" as often anymore.


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