15:45 GMT26 January 2020
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    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The escape capsule with the Soyuz MS-10 crew, which had to return to Earth in a ballistic descent mode as a result of the booster failure, hit the ground five times before stopping, a source in the space industry told Sputnik.

    "Sensors of the reentry capsule registered that it suffered five hits during the landing. That is, the spacecraft hit the ground, bounced several times and rolled over. Now experts are studying the sensors built into the seats of each crew member to assess the specific overload on each of them. It was recorded that the short-term overload reached more than 10g," the source said.

    Earlier, another source told Sputnik that, upon the landing, the crew could not get out of the capsule on their own, so that rescuers had to use special equipment to overturn it.

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    A manned Soyuz mission to the ISS was aborted on Thursday over a rocket booster failure. The crew of two – a Russian cosmonaut and a NASA astronaut – made a safe emergency landing in their Soyuz capsule and were soon picked up by rescuers.

    The incident became the first failure of a manned space launch in modern Russian history and prompted Roscosmos to set up a special commission to find out the causes of the failure.


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