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    Crypto-currency mining

    "Green Mining": Resourceful Reddit User Uses His Bitcoin Farm as Boiler

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    A hobbyist miner has found a way to use the cryptocurrency "byproduct" – and it has actually increased the total yield of the mining operation.

    A user on Reddit going under the username gta3uzi has recently published a design for a home-made water heating system. The trick is that it uses the extra heat generated by the cryptocurrency mining farm during its operation. In a post on the /r/Bitcoin subreddit, gta3uzi shows how he has successfully used the system to heat bathwater.

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    He notes, however, that the system works a little too well, as the bath temperature eventually rose to a blistering 50C / 122F. That doesn't mean it's useless, though — he points out that with minor adjustments, his scheme can power a home radiator heating system or even a dishwasher.

    The system is simple — normal air is used to cool the hot parts of the farm. Then the air, heated as a result, is pushed through an intercooler, which in turn heats the water running through it.

    ASIC water heater
    © Photo : u/gta3uzi
    ASIC water heater
    ASIC water heater
    © Photo : u/gta3uzi
    ASIC water heater

    According to the online outlet Motherboard, which contacted gta3uzi, he has actually managed to increase his profits as a result of the innovation. Previously he had been earning 10% after paying for the electricity, but now he can save an extra $80 by not paying for water heating, which has increased his profits to 47%. According to the outlet, gta3uzi is determined to continue using the system.


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