01:59 GMT18 January 2021
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    An American engineering company has demonstrated its latest advances in building robots, showcasing their new feature – cooperation. Now, if one of BD’s robots can’t handle a task, it can call another for help.

    If you hope to survive the robot uprising by hiding behind doors, it’s bad news for you – Boston Dynamics has taught their robots to open them. But that’s not the best part yet – now their robots can cooperate and call out for help in order to solve difficult tasks.

    In a 45 second video posted on YouTube, a SpotMini model robot, stuck in front of a closed door, asks another of the same model, but with an arm extension to give him a hand – allowing both to make it to the next room.

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    It doesn’t look “big”, but that’s just a start. After all, remember where Boston Dynamics was a few years ago? Huge and heavy (in comparison to 11kg SpotMini) robots, that couldn’t even run around without being plugged into the power source via cable.

    The video comes two month after the robotics company published another impressive one, featuring their Atlas model robot showing off its new tricks. Specifically, the bipedal giant managed to successfully perform a backflip.


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