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    The Bering Strait, seen here in a satellite image, is the body of water that separates North America from Russia.

    North America, Japan to be Absorbed by Russia in the Future

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    Russian scientists determined that in several million years Siberia, North America and Japan will merge into one huge supercontinent.

    Siberia and North America will once again become whole in the far future, and in about 30 million years Japan will “join up” with Russia, according to Dmitry Gladkochub, head of the Institute of the Earth Crust of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Siberian Branch.

    About 1 billion years ago, Siberia and North America were part of an enormous single supercontinent over 25 million square kilometers in size, the scientist explained. However, about 600 million years ago the Siberian platform split off from North America as part of the geological processes which resulted in the current positioning of the continents.

    "The data available today allows us to predict how continents will be positioned in relation to each other in the geological future. A forecast for 250 million years in the future has already been made. The Siberian platform will once again be situated next to the northern part of America; essentially a certain supercontinental cycle will be completed, resulting in the creation of a new supercontinent," he said, according to RIA Novosti.

    Gladkochub also added that according to geological forecasts, in 30 million years the Japanese archipelago will “join up” with Russia.


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