03:44 GMT30 September 2020
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    Crime in the UK has increased due to Pokemon Go, with gamers reporting sexual assault and robery, recent figures have revealed.

    Pokemon Go has not only caused hundreds of injuries it has also led to an increase in crime related incidents, a BBC Freedom of Information (FOI) request has revealed. The virtual game that allows users to catch Pokemon in real life situations has led to a number of people claiming that they were sexually assaulted, as well as allegations of people trespassing and a spike in robbery and road incidents.

    The FOI request to the police has revealed the true impact of the successful app. As well as it being a fun game for people of all ages, who can go and catch Pokemon characters in everyday real-world scenarios, it has led to forces across the UK logging 300 criminal offenses — the highest number of which were recorded by Lancashire Police with a total of 39 incidents.

    In some cases players have been victims of crime but in other instances they have been accused of breaking laws.

    Police recorded an incident in Blackheath Common in London, after a fight broke out between a Pokemon player and a naked man who was having sex with a woman in a park.

    Police have also warned the public of professional gangs who are using the game to lure victims to secluded spots, so that they can snatch their mobile phones.

    South Yorkshire Police said there was an incident of a Pokemon Go player being punched in the head and having their phone stolen by three "unknown assailants."

    Whilst officers in North Wales discovered a man who had invited children back to his home, claiming he "had lots of Pokemon at his address."


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